Exoskeleton Consulting

Next Level Rehab’s Chief Care Officer and Lead Physical Therapist, Robert McCloskey, has extensive experience and expertise performing exoskeleton physical therapy.

As business owners, Robert and Haley McCloskey have gained a wealth of knowledge on how to create a physical therapy practice using an exoskeleton. We have made mistakes and learned best practices for how to create this type of business. 


Are you a healthcare provider or rehabilitation hospital that is interested in offering exoskeleton therapy?


Are you an investor or analyst researching exoskeleton technology?


Are you an engineer or inventor interested in developing exoskeleton technology?

If you want to learn more about exoskeleton physical therapy, including pros, cons, limitations of the current technology and where exoskeleton technology is heading, we can help! 

Schedule a free phone consultation today to decide if our consulting services will add value to your exoskeleton exploration

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