Payment Options

Next Level Rehab is a fee-for-service small business that is out-of-network with all insurance companies. We accept cash, check, credit and debit card payments for our services at the time of service.

To assist you with requesting reimbursement for our services through your insurance company, we will provide you with a bill in an insurance friendly format with the required documentation and insurance codes. 

Why Don’t You Accept Insurance?

Insurance companies control and define the type, quality, and amount of care that Physical Therapists and other healthcare providers can provide. In order for Next Level Rehab to operate 100% with you in mind, we have chosen not to allow insurance companies tell us who, how, and for how long we can work with our clients. We strive to support you in reaching greater mobility which may not be possible with the restrictions created by insurance companies.

We believe you are your own best advocate and together we can create a personalized care plan based on your unique situation and goals. 

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